Your multipurpose anti-covid tool designed by and for professionals

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Made in France

Beat Covid ? Yes-Yookan !

Designed and manufactured by MECAM44, a metallurgy company of 14 employees, based in Nantes, France.

Created by our team for their own use, Yes-Yookan! allows the user to avoid contact with surfaces and can be used in all workshops, warehouses, offices and at home.

Yes Yookan anti-bacterial key for professionals

The first hygienic hook for professional use

Ergonomic and strong
Easy to clean

Anti covid protective equipment for staff and industry customer gift Yes Yookan

Protect your staff and customers with a gift that makes sense

Carry out day-to-day tasks in safety
Useful and practical

End-of-year customer gift anti-covid avoid contact with surfaces Yes Yookan

A communication object that can be personalized according to your wishes

Your logo
Your company name
A firstname
A message

professional door opener hook Yes Yookan
anti covid key for coffee machine Yes Yookan
anti covid key for coffee machine for switch Yes Yookan
door opener hook Yes Yookan
  • 304L stainless steel

  • 2.5 mm thick

  • Weight : 67 g

  • Dimensions : 13.8 * 8 cm

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Carry out professional tasks in safety

Yes-Yookan! protects your employees. Avoid contacting surfaces with your hands : pull a cart, operate the controls of your machinery ; use keys, handles and switches ; pull a cord ; open a door/drawer.

Apply hand-sanitiser.

Attachable to the belt by retractable cord.

hook enabling to carry out professional tasks in all safety yes yookan

Ergonomic and to be used everywhere

Designed with a large and comfortable grip, fitting in your hand, light and handy, Yes-Yookan! secures daily tasks, in the office, workshop, on the factory floor as well as at home.
door opener hook yes yookan ergonomic yes yookan

Customised with your company logo, Yes-Yookan! can be used to promote your company

Logo, your company name, firstname or message :

through your customised Yes-Yookan!, send a message to your staff and clients by offering a meaningful gift.

anti covid protection accessory yes yookan